Videos outperform other formats

Entries that came through in video format in 2017 on average outperformed those that did not.

Tell us: why is this new?

Describe what you are doing, but don’t forget to explain why this is ahead of the market.

Scale isn’t critical

The 2017 Innovation 50 covered businesses with global profile, and two-person spin-outs.

Talk about impact

Judges want to know who has benefited from your innovation. Your customers? Your business? Your team? The wider community?

Early stage projects are welcome

Don’t be shy about coming forward with projects that are still in development. If there is a unique concept and early signs of positive impact, we want to hear about it.

We don’t want to be lost in detail!

Tell your story and describe your innovation. But remember the judges won’t all be specialists in your world. Detail is great, but explain: What does this mean?