Staffordshire-based innovator Warwick Music Group earned its place in the 2017 Innovation 50 through the invention, development and manufacture of its plastic wind and brass instruments – a world-first and a welcome disruption in a sector that has not seen significant change in more than two centuries.

The bright idea

Originally focused on small-scale music publishing, Warwick Music Group’s lightbulb moment came with their development of the world’s first trombone manufactured in recyclable ABS plastic - pBone - launched in 2010. The company went on to expand its line of instruments to include pTrumpet and a totally new instrument – pBuzz. The company’s placing in the inaugural 2017 Innovation 50 was recognition for its commitment to making learning to play instruments more accessible, engaging and fun.  

A year to remember 

In the last 12 months, Warwick Music Group has continued to expand its range of instruments, recently debuting its most innovative instrument to date: pTrumpet hyTech. Launched at the world’s largest trade music show, the National Association of Music Merchants in California, hyTech is a hybrid design of metal and polymer that delivers a performance standard equivalent to high-quality student brass trumpets. It has also launched pCornet and continued to expand its range of tuition books and online resources for music educators.

The firm is currently in the process of laying the foundations for future growth – introducing new marketing platforms to engage with more customers and improve sales performance, alongside growing its team.

Inclusion in the Innovation 50 was a vital boost for Warwick Music Group, with Chief Executive Steven Greenall commenting:

Endorsement, advocacy and contacts are enormously helpful to any business – and Innovation 50 has delivered on all three. To be judged one of the 50 most innovative businesses in the region is hugely rewarding.

What does the future hold?   

Already a world leader in, and the dominant producer of, brass instruments manufactured in ABS plastic – the company plans to further develop its export market that currently spans four continents: North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania (Australia). Its value-driven approach plans include more environmentally-friendly supply chain support – enabling it to help manufacturing processes become more sustainable and efficient.

Warwick Music Group believes that music can transform lives, support educational achievement and bring people together. That’s why they create high quality wind and brass instruments, making the joy of music accessible and fun.